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Die Motherfucker Die:

The multi talented Applebaum flexes his funny muscles with his original soundtrack for the Ylse series.  Not only is his music featured in several episodes, he also performs the songs in character during the show.  In addition to acting and composing, Noah also writes everything from web series to feature length screenplays.  Whether producing his own sketch comedy videos with the troupe “Komikarate” or playing a more serious selection of tunes around LA, one thing is for certain: excitement lies just on the horizon for this up and coming talent.  For more information, check out NoahApplebaum.com and stay tuned for a myriad of projects featuring Applebaum slated for 2010 release.



Over and Over:

Zeus aka Alex Mendoza (lead vocals, guitar), Michael (lead guitars, vocals), Kevin (bass), Christian (drums, vocals), and M (keyboards) — formed the band in the San Francisco Bay area as like-minded college students. Not just another college band, they were voted “The Best Band in San Francisco” in a Bay Area poll conducted by the University of San Francisco. Simpleworld has emerged in Los Angeles as a valuable and influential band, generating local buzz as well as nationwide media attention. TV Guide Channel featured the LA-based group on the “Music Profiles” program. simpleworld has also appeared on numerous morning shows, and their music has hit the airwaves across the country. This is rock music with bold guitars, striking melodies, and infectious harmonies. As melodic as Coldplay, as energetic as The Killers, and with a fresh and unique sound that excites and delivers. Simpleworld fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of their latest album entitled “A Rip in the Frame”, which includes their singles “Elephant” and “Over and Over”. Their debut album “Amplify Your Soul” was nominated for Best Independent Rock Album at the LA Music Awards, and for Best Alternative Rock Group at the South Bay Music Awards. It featured the irresistible first single “What You Get”, which entered the US Hot AC Top 40 Indie chart in the summer of 2005 within three weeks of the CD’s release.

“There’s a depth and intelligence to simpleworld that is uncommon in most pop/rock bands these days…..Infectious lyrics are an understatement! Their songs not only speak to listeners, they resonate deep inside of them.”

–The Campanile–

“Strong, polished, energetic…Intelligent, mature pop/rock”

–Music Connection Magazine–

“Zeus ignites the audience with his tremendous stage presence…simpleworld is a remarkably talented band! Don’t be surprised if you hear them on the radio or see them on MTV within the next few months.”

–Paly Voice–

“If you’re not onto simpleworld you are missing out. This multi-talented band is red hot.”

–New Music Weekly–

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