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A review from Thanks @ericmortensen!

Posted on: September 29, 2009
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Here's the original review: Ylse: Season 2 Episode 1 Series Drama & Genre (Romance, Soaps) [ 6:51 - from Blip ] Adult Language Ylse brings something new to the web series game. It's bilingual. The first episode of the second season is available in three formats. There's a version with English subtitles, a version with Spanish subtitles and a version with no subtitles at all. The series is fast-paced and well-organized, allowing you to follow the action even when characters are speaking a language you don't understand. Eric Mortensen eGuider: Eric Mortensen Director of Content Development, Building on prior experience in art, technology and digital media, Eric Mortensen joined in 2006 as the Director of Content Development, where he oversees discovery of and interaction with new media content creators. As a founder of the pioneering social bookmarking site,, a prolific blogger and the co-founder of Digital Dissonance — a digital music collaboration created in 1994 and pre-dating the commercial Internet — Mortensen has spent more than fourteen years as a social media innovator and expert. After studying Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music, Mortensen held various positions in both old and new media as musician, web designer, data analyst and technology consultant. He is married and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

‘Ylse’ Back For Season 2, Taps Booming Latino Market

Posted on: September 22, 2009
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by Marc Hustvedt on September 15th, 2009 Season 2 of ”bicultural dramedy” web series Ylse (pronounced EEL-Say) kicked off today starting its 12-episode return. Ruth Livier, who’s also the creator and lead writer of the series, is back as Ylse, an aspiring TV host working her way up the talk show circuit hoping to one day reach the level of her espoused idol Oprah. For now, however, young Ylse is stuck in the dregs of the TV world on a bizarre Spanish language talk show. We’ve had our eye on this series for a while now, and we’re glad to see it back for another season. The series had been picking up fans over the past year which included locking up a distribution deal with last fall and scoring the “Best Webisode” award at the 2009 Reel Rasquache Festival. Livier’s bilingual script effortlessly jumps from English to Spanish, making the comedy easily accessible even for us Spanish newbies. Livier wrote recently on LatinHeat Online:
Like my friend [Executive Producer and creator of Showtime’s Resurrection Blvd.) Dennis Leoni says, “The oldest form of affirmative action is the ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ network.” And he is right. Try breaking through that! If you are not a part of the GOB network, mainstream media is super expensive. Let’s be real, the opportunities to break in through ‘traditional’ channels are slim. New Media is such a fantastic option. It affords us the opportunities that traditional media hasn’t.
Livier, a working actress who starred in Showtime’s Resurrection Blvd. is that rare blend of actor-writer-producer that pulls all three of them off. For the new season, she brought on some fresh guest stars like Alex Mendoza, who plays Ylse’s new love interest,  Judy Reyes and Yvonne De La Rosa to join regulars Marlene Forte, Alejandro De Hoyos and Gabriel Romero. She notes that there are an estimated 47 million Latinos in the US according to early Census numbers. “Well, I’d say we are ‘THE’ untapped market . . . so I’m not too worried,” added Livier. “My focus is to continue to create projects to give up-and-coming Latino and Latina talent material with which to shine.” TubeFilterComment1

Ylse Review from “Bilingual in the Boonies”!

Posted on: September 21, 2009
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Ylse: A funny Latino web series Please go watch webisodes of Ylse, about a smart, passionate Mexican-American journalist who prays to Oprah and fights to stay herself in TV La La Land. Then you go pray to whatever virgencita you believe in (or Oprah) that the shows continue or end up on some premium cable channel. I saw a story in the magazine Latino Future and just watched all the episodes. I particularly loved episode 6 because of the Cuban boyfriend's annoying Mami. At least I think they're Cuban. You tell me. The concept was created by actress Ruth Livier of Resurrection Boulevard. She's truly funny. The character says her name is prounounced like "illegal'' and "sexy'' together. And, she's none too happy when the vanilla network execs want to change her TV show's name from Ylse to Maria, or when they hire a scary voice coach to give her a thick Spanish accent. There's also some background aqui at Hispanic Trending. Enjoy. Original post here.

The funniest show NOT on television returns 9/15 with season 2.0

Posted on: September 16, 2009
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By Herald de Paris Contributor's Bureau on September 14, 2009 With all respect, forget Leno. Ruth Livier’s YLSE is the funniest show on television. Only, it is not on television, at all. This talented group of actors, writers, and directors work ensemble, and without pretense. What they deliver is a thoroughly modern American sitcom that still recalls the great comedies of television’s past, far more than anything on the networks. If you like Alexandra Wentworth’s ground-breaking Cinemax show, “It’s Complicated,” you’ll love YLSE. Watch last season’s webisodes from the links below, and don’t miss the YLSE 2.0 season premiere tomorrow, Tuesday, September 15th. - Jes Alexander By Ruth Livier HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) - The now Award-Winning webseries YLSE premieres its second season tomorrow Tuesday, September 15th. You can see right away from our vibrant new website that we have taken our show to the next level. YLSE’s first season received positive reviews from audience, critics and celebrity friends alike! And we are very excited to be back to share season 2. This time around we delve into our main characters’ personal lives and relationships: We get to meet Ylse’s parents (played by Richard Yñiguez and Alma Delfina) and her new love-interest (Alex Mendoza), Blanca’s ex-husband (David Barrera) returns to stir the pot, Alex’s out-of-town girlfriend Jessica finally visits (Kristen Ariza) and Sergio can’t get enough of his Eastern European chocolate bon-bon (Carolyn Wilson). Judy Reyes (SCRUBS) also joins the cast this season AND celebrity friends rallied in support behind cameras as well: Elizabeth Peña (NOTHING LIKE THE HOLIDAYS, THE INCREDIBLES) directs our season finale webisode and Herbert Siguenza (CULTURE CLASH) came on board as a writer! I’m really excited to share season two on our new website and can only hope we are received with the enthusiasm & support we’ve been enjoying! So a BIG Thank you to our audience!! YLSE stars: Ruth Livier, Marlene Forte, Alejandro de Hoyos and Gabriel Romero.