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“A Web Series for our Generación”

YLSE is a not-so politically correct dramedy about a modern Americana and the quirky characters that make up her life.




We are on the ground floor of New Media content creation that targets the extremely desirable, under-explored and growing Hispanic market.



LATINATION segment on Ylse




-2010 IMAGEN AWARDS “Best Internet Program” Winner.

IMAGEN Award Acceptance Speech


-2009 RASQUACHE Film festival “Audience Favorite” Winner.



“…As a Latina it just makes me so proud to know that something like Ylse not only exist but is possible. You’ve inspired me to write my own story about finding and using my voice”. – Icess Fernandez A fan/ a blogger


“ I hugely enjoyed Ylse yesterday, then read an interview with you, all the while marveling at how it is possible to come from opposite sides of the world and yet to end up so alike. I am a Russian-Jewish immigrant born in the former USSR (Ukraine).  My family arrived in the US when I was eight (with nothing, of course, as was your case)….I now live in France with my family.“ –Julia Kogan


“…watch webisodes of Ylse, about a smart, passionate Mexican-American journalist who prays to Oprah ….Then you go pray to whatever virgencita you believe in (or Oprah) that the shows continue or end up on some premium cable channel”. -Bilingual in the Boonies, a fan/a blogger (found Ylse on Latino Future Magazine)




*Source MarketResearch.com/emarketer July 1, 2008 **Source: Public Opinion Study of CA Latina electorate/HOPE 2009

*By 2012, nearly 30 million US Hispanics will be online. (More than 50% of the US Hispanic population)

*Many of them will be native-born Hispanics rather than immigrants.

*This group of young Latinos will be bilingual and proud of its Hispanic origins, and marketers cannot assume that mass-market, English-language campaigns will reach them effectively.

*Multiple executions and strategies may be necessities for marketers trying to reach this growing population.

*Bilingual Powerhouse…more fierce competition by bilingual sites, they only stand to gain by offering more bilingual and bicultural content.

**English dominant Latinas are much more likely to be connected to “new media” than Spanish dominant Latinas (the worldwide reach of our show maintains the importance of our Spanish language component)

** There is an important opportunity for corporations, government institutions, political parties and candidates to increase their market share or their electoral appeal by directly communicating through “new media” with those segments of the Latina population that are more culturally assimilated and with those higher up on the socio-economic scale.

** Other factors that impact access to the Internet are age, educational level, and presence of children at home. A substantial majority of Latina voters between the ages of 18-34, those with a college or graduate degree, and mothers with children living at home are connected to “new media

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